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INTRODUCING Holloways Period House Shop

Welcome to
Holloways Period House Shop

Holloway's Period House Shop, today, is the culmination of everything our family have been working towards over the last 50 years or so. A family of antique dealers, we moved into architectural salvage in the mid-1980s. That experience, together with our renovation of old properties, has led to us specialising in correct and properly designed and made products for all kinds of properties, style and aesthetic.

In the 1990s Simon opened the first Period House Shop and then a decade or so later Mark started to develop the, mainly, London based Holloways of Ludlow.

We have a genuine love of design, architecture and history. That is manifest in our Ludlow showroom and our website. Please have a look at our website or, even better, come and visit us in Ludlow. Either way, we are sure you'll have a nice time.

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