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Grecian Head Knocker

Grecian Head Knocker

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A substantial and heavy brass door knocker, cast in sand in our own foundry, in the form of the head of a Greek goddess.

In ancient Greek religion, Hestia was the goddess of the home, the family and the hearth, or food preparation area. She represents domesticity and, thus, made her the obvious choice to welcome visitors at the front door. The use of ancient Greek imagery in architecture became hugely popular in Britain during the first half of the C19th following extraordinary archaeological discoveries there in the late C18th and early C19th. Book ended by Britain's acquisition of the, so-called, Parthenon Marbles in 1816 and the erection of the Greek Revival styled elements of the British Museum in, around, 1850 interest then began to gain popularity in the United States where it became a major influence on U.S. architectural design.

Height - 7in (170mm)

Width - 5in (130mm)

This product is unlacquered so, in that sense, is a 'live' finish. Its colour will dull and richen with exposure to handling and the atmosphere. A simple buff with a conventional brass polish will easily restore its brightness if required.