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Bud Vase Selection

Bud Vase Selection

Prices Inc. Vat:
Red £7.50
Yellow £7.50
Blue £7.50
Green £7.50
Violet £7.50
Grey £7.50
Amber £7.50
Dark Blue £7.50
Pink £7.50
Orange £7.50
Aqua £7.50
Purple £7.50

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Vidrios Reciclados San Miguel was established in 1985 and is well known for combining the
most up to date technology with traditional glass making without losing the creativity that
characterises them. These vases are manufactured from 100% recycled glass sourced from
the bottle bank containers that we are all familiar with. Glass can be recycled repeatedly
without any reduction in quality, a perfect circle that is a clear example of sustainability. A
lower temperature is needed to melt the glass, residues going to landfill are dramatically
reduced and extractions of sand and raw materials are minimized.


The saved energy in recycling 3 bottles is enough to:

Charge a smartphone battery for one year.

Maintain a low consumption light bulb on for 9 days

Equivalent to the energy needed for 3 cycles of a washing machine



Colours are subject to availability and a suitable alternative may be sent instead. Thank you.

Height: 105mm

Diameter: 70mm