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Television Aerial Socket

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Conceived as a direct, simple replacement for the standard, modern white socket. This has been moulded in a brown plastic to emulate Bakelite. It gives an old 'look' whilst not drawing attention to itself with its restrained colouring. Nor will it fight with carefully thoughtout period colour schemes and will 'disappear' if mounted onto wooden panelling. Measures 3.25in square and is 0.5in thick.


The Belling-Lee connector or IEC 169-2 connector, more often simply known as the TV aerial plug, is the traditional European antenna connector for TV sets and FM-radio receivers. It is the oldest coaxial RF connector still commonly used today. It connects a receiver to a terrestrial VHF/UHF roof antenna, antenna amplifier, or CATV network, via a coaxial cable. It was invented at Belling & Lee Ltd (also a manufacturer of TV aerials) in Enfield, England, around 1922, at the time of the first BBC broadcasts. It was originally only intended for medium frequency broadcasts, where accurate impedance matching of an antenna connector is not a concern. For instructions on how to wire up a Belling-Lee connector visit this website - www.megalithia.com/elect/bellinglee/


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