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Airing Rack - Cast Iron - Ash Poles - Jute Rope

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Our airing rack is made exclusively for us copied from an original Victorian example. The rack ends (14 in wide), pulleys and cleat are manufactured from cast iron, the rope is traditional jute natural fibre and the poles are riven from ash and 6ft in length. We chose ash because we found (as did our ancestors years before us) that the pine poles that are normally supplied with this type of product can leave dark stains on white clothing. Our poles are riven ( this means that they have 8 flat sides) instead of formed round because that stops clothing slipping off whilst drying. All in all, we believe that we have given great thought to the manufacture of this product to ensure that, not only, does it perform as well as we can make it, but that also, it performs as its Victorian designers meant it to. Complete with all parts. 8ft poles are also available by special order. Ring us on 01584 877276.

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