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Light Shade - Glass - Coolie - 10in - Opal - Brass Fittings

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A very simple hanging lamp. Suitable for an unpretentious room, a dark passageway, perhaps, or a bedroom or kitchen. It consists of a clean, opal or white 10in diameter glass coolie shade, brass fittings, an oak pateras and half a metre of gold coloured cotton covered cable. This lamp is almost identical to that in an industrial GEC catalogue from 1938 and our trusty 1905 Simplex catalogue. This style of shade, however, was ubiquitous during the first 100 years or so of electrical lighting and even made an appearance on earlier gas lighting. We have supplied it for many applications ranging from a kitchen in a London apartment to service areas in a Herefordshire country estate house, a shooting lodge in Sutherlandshire and the studio of a Jamaica based artist.


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